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[31 Oct 2004|05:55pm]
hey bitches

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[19 Oct 2004|07:18pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]

ok today was another grand day for me.well not wuite but it was full of adventure!lol.anyways this morning in mr.lemays class my friend got cot copying me work and he took it up.Then in math, mrs.pickens wrote me down for saturday school.bleh what the hell ever.Then in mrs.davis's class our biographies are due tomorrow.well mine isnt thanks to my last name!yay!anyways 6th period...thats always funny lol.JOhnny,you know my friend johnny,he asked me to list the people at the table in order of who i would go out with.hehe.i sit with all boys and so that was fun.haha.7th period gym is where things screwed up.ok for one.my contact fell out and split in half.I had to throw it out.I couldnt see.but i decided to play v-ball anyways.maria and i played with the guys while every other girl was on the other side of the gym.We got yelled at by courtwright.lol.we refused to play with the girls so we said eff it we wont play.so we go upstairs and winston tells us the teacher assistant is looking for us.we hide.well try to.we lay down praying she wont see us.yet she does and she yells out! GET UP! everyone in the gym turns around and looks up at the bleachers...sucks for me and maria.so we get grilled.anyways we are then forced to play with the girls.the lady walks up and askes for our names.stupid me i told her my name and she told courtwright.we got 5 points taken off our grade.haha nice story.oh well.Thats my day.it was delightful.


P.S.I miss Jeremy.:(

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[18 Oct 2004|08:53pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

none of this is relevent but AUSTIN brought it to my attention that every girl in my class(we travel as a group btw)wears a push up bra.I dont. wow! fun fucking fact of the day!


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whoa [18 Oct 2004|08:14pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

ok today was grand. or atleast i thought.Yeah so letme tell you about it.this morning when i was dropping my brother off at the highschool..I saw MATT! yay right? right.I havent seen the hot fuck for a long time so I tried to get his attention..I was beating on the window and shit.Anyways my dad snapped! he was like "You better sit you ass down. i dont give a shit about no matt. I dont wanna have a wreck and shit.Maybe thats why your grades are so damn low thinking about Matt."yeah w/e. so i get up to my school and i see madison arriving the same time as me! yay someone to talk to. So we talk and yeah we talk. The bell rings.Everyone goes inside.blah blah blah. Mr.LeMay is like inlove with my handwriting so he had me write alot of shit for him.Boobies.The bell rings..next class.The whole time I was doing my friends homework for her next class.haha now i haveta explain this right now:my friend and i have an understanding that when one does not finish their homework the friend could do it for em.Seeing how im like a better student this year she never has to do my homework.Anyways i got a 100 on it..well "she" got the 100.yeah so. bleh.bell rings next class.im outside in the effing portable its raining like hell and Johnny, you know, my friend Johnny...just kept like staring at me.what the fuck?! yeah and Justin needed a bookcover.lucky him i carry an extra ;).so i just let him keep that.my hair didnt get wet when we had to go back inside.yay!.Next class, nothing happened in mrs.taylors class cuz i dont really pay attention (so much for better student).Lunch finally! C lunch is the best.anyways yeah im at lunch chilling with my girls and this ugly fuck that always comes to our table hitting on madison just reached into my bag of pretzels.Of course i was pissed! so i shouted "who the hell are you?! keep your fucking hands out of my shit!" then i laughed but i was still mad.then i was soo effing lazy to get my powerade i made josh get it for me.what a nice fellow to do that!THEN..adam like threw a piece of chewed up meat at our table and it hit me and madisons leg.lol.gross.alright so then the fucking thunder hits real loud! and the whole lunch except my table screamed their ass off.I personally didnt get it. But our principal held everyone back so I mean like everyone was late for their 6th period class.so yeah in 6th period.I used to hate 6th period but now i love it! i sit with the best boys in town lol.Seriously thou.So im next to JOhnny, my friend JOhnny, you know..winston,and david.yeah and we were having a conversation about dicks and shit.we always make fun of each other.and Johnny,my friend Johnny, told me i suck dick.I said no bitch i dont suck dick and the teacher heard me. He was like never again...never dont say blahblahblah.so yeah im not allowed to say dick anymore.w/e.now winston haha hes a cutie.funny as hell too.I like him alot.anyways yeah he didnt have his uniform in gym.so i decided to sit up on the bleachers with him so he wouldnt be alone.(wink wink haha naw just playing)that was fun.I learned alot about him.quite dandy boy if you ever meet him.Too bad hes like in love with my bestest friend.it sucks wang.you know.oh well.so after school.me,catherine,and winston walk over to richland and we decide to take the muddy path.Catherine fell into a puddle and i fell into the same fucking puddle.thats retarded.haha.bleh then catherine leaves and im walking alone with winston but then catherine offered me a ride.yay! they rode past two houses andput me out.lol.anyways back on the hill.I saw Kelsey! (shes cool).I saw kelsey and we walkedaround and talked for awhile.We even went upto madison.blahblahblah.I see my car.so im gone!when i get to the car I try to stick my backpack in the window.my brush pops out and down the little drain river it flows.I see Justin and I ask him to put his foot down to catch it.he says "oh hell no.Im not messing up my vans" haha so im running to catch it.finally i get it.yay but my brand new newbalances got wet.damn.so i turn to look at Justin in his little car.hes over there laffing and pointing.I flick him off.my dad saw. i got yet another speech but then we both laffed.the end.This has officially been the best day of the school year so far.

P.S.i wrote on the bleachers with winston...we wrote how hott we were and of course i wrote that matt was hot.haha and i wrote "winston cannon is hott shit" I felt proud of myself.haha.

thanks for reading this shit.and feel free to comment.I like hearing from an audiance.

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Something's going on? [09 Oct 2004|06:18pm]
[ mood | sad ]

ok i havent updated in a while...and i know i said i wood put those pics on here lightyears ago but i have no time..so just forget i ever mentioned those.Anwyasy the past few days ive been worried about a friend of mine and our friendship.Its wierd you know, we were like hard to separate and now we barely even say hi anymore.I dont know if i did something wrong and i dont wanna ask cause it could be something personal.Im crying now.yay! ive been broken.I have no idea whats going on, but I really miss running through the hallways with her smiling and laffing.Now what I do is just go to class.Im never late.I never smile. and at lunch I barely talk.Its kinda pathetic you know.You're probably thinking Im one of those dependent chicks who cry when their best bud doesnt call them or something.Well im not. I just sad because its been awkward her.Not being able to start a conversation.Its weird.Im not dependent. I just love her cause shes like family and we dont talk.I hope shes not mad at me.I hope not.:(

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[19 Sep 2004|11:37am]
ok ok...i took more pics but i haveta resize them first! i went totally crazy haha not really but i took it to school the past week and i got some pics! ill update later tonight...

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[14 Sep 2004|08:01pm]
today anna said Justin looked just like Jordan and i went "yea but JOrdans hotter!" and Justin was like "fuck you" and then I go "i wasnt saying you werent hot im just saying JOrdans hotter!" hahah boy that was the shit! no not really lol.

so I will write this!

JUSTIN IS HOT AS FUCK?hehe naw but that boy, seriously, is gorgeous :)

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[12 Sep 2004|06:23am]
bleh....we going to church...ermm like now!!no not really but we are going at 7:00..soo erm how you doing?! damn im already bored as fuck but hey! ill be aiight.so anyways.. i just wanna say this one thing so I can stop thinking about this dude. MATT IS SO FUCKING HOTT. ok thats it. enjoy the rest of your day..cause i will try my best to enjoy mine! good day.

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[07 Sep 2004|06:07pm]
haha wow I need to update!

ok lets see I cut my hair myself! woohoo!

erm did i tell yall i found my dads camera?! well yeah i found it!

nothing else but my birthday is NOVEmber 30! thats a long way from here but i want something from someone at least one person@

oh wait erm SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! GAbbYs birthday is OCTOBER 4th!! yall better get her something too!she deserves it!

ok soo erm i guess ill show you some pics of my hair!

well actually its only one!!Collapse )

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[26 Aug 2004|06:18pm]
i would really like it if my friends wood apply to r_u_hot_sexxx im co-mod and i would love to have my beautiful friends there with me *winks*. thanx.

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[21 Aug 2004|11:32pm]
maybe its just me or something but im really not happy with my appearence :(. I hang out with all these pretty girls like simone,gabby,catherine,madison and the list goes on and i feel that i dont even compare. Im fucking tearing away at myself and i know it but im not stoppin it. I mean seriously the girls i hang out with get compliments like every fucking day and im like the skinny,ugly friend in the back. This fucking blows but thats okay..ill be strong.

God made me look the way i look and im happy with that. Im not gonna try to change myself to look like someone else. Besides ill prolly be pretty when im 100

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[21 Aug 2004|11:30pm]
i hate my hair soo much.

Its oily and ugly

i just hate all of it

i tried to cut it but my mom told me i coodnt

I want it to be different

but i gess i should be happy with what i have right?

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[14 Aug 2004|11:27pm]
i lost my dads digetal camera that cost over 200 dollars..is he pissed? NO..wow aint that a cool dad lol.

Anywho! my moms paintin my room but i cant decide on a color...so heres what i narrowed it down to..someone help me out eh?

brown(it sounds cool haha)

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[12 Aug 2004|12:40pm]
life sucks when you cant goto school.

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[11 Aug 2004|01:10pm]
omg.in the movie "The Outsiders" theres a character named Sodapop.they got Rob Lowe to play that part in the movie.well anyways..Sodapop was supposed to be the attractive and charming brother.i thought tha Rob lowe was the best choice haha. well i got a pic to show you how attractive he was in the movie.I know heslike 100 now haha jk, but this movie was made in '83 so he was young.well anyways heres the pic:

sodapop sodapop!! w00t w00tCollapse )

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here [11 Aug 2004|08:12am]

Ima sucker for this guy...Collapse )</strong>


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[10 Aug 2004|09:44pm]
ugh wasnt i ONE DUMB BITCH?!?!

im sooo stupid..im finna watch romeo and juliet now.

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[10 Aug 2004|10:20am]
ok. so its another day of school for those whitestation goers..gess who didnt go?! yep me. I went to drop Claudius off at the highschool and was gonna go to the middle school to visit my friends again, but then i decided not to. For some reason i had this feeling that they woodnt want to see me and I didnt want to see them i wood be sooo sad afterwards..so i didnt go. i saw Matt at the highschool. aww he looked all 9th gradey and shit haha. :). Well we went to burger king instead and now im back here. BaBY sitting. oh the advantages of getting kicked out of school and starting another school late...i hate myself. everyday this summer i woke up telling myself i screwed up so much and i wood break out crying. "I did screw up badly and i regret i was such a dumbass lazy motherfucker.." I hated everyday of summer because i knew when school started back i woodnt.oh well im prolly just being a little too dramatic.oh well so im here bored out of my ass watching all three lotr again.I talked to carl online..he doesnt start school until the 18th so now i got someone to talk to while im at home. YAY! well nothing else to write..bye.

my real name is Lass,

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[09 Aug 2004|10:07am]
[ mood | sad ]

ok today has to be the worst day of my life. it was the first of school so i went up to wsms to visit my friends..as you know by now im not going there this year so it made me wanna bawl telling people that i wasnt going back. seeing those people made me sadder than i have ever felt. I missed them so much over the summer and being at that school just made me realize that i wasnt gonna see them again. or atleast until highschool or if i transfer.Believe I am trying my best to transfer. So anyways the first person i saw was Rachel Faulkner (i love her so much!!) anyways she gave me a hug and when i told her she was like " aww youre gonna make me cry" and i was feeling even worse. I saw Amber,Stefane',Vernatalie,Simone(simone!! i lovey her too!!), Gabby (crunkest chic at school!! hehe),Madison,Gabe, Lauren and the list went on and on.Well the bell rang so everyone went inside and i went back to my car and my dad and i drove off back on our way home.We took the express way..and i started to cry hahah...im such a wuss. well we got half way and I noticed the Traffic started building up...im looking around being nosey an i see a blood trail and at the end of the blood was a poor little dog laying on his side.Someone had hit him and there he was dead. That made me cry even harder. Well i home now and we are finna go get Claudius from the highschool, and i think ima go back to wsms to see my friends again this afternoon thatll be fun. then ill come in the morning..well that is if mr.brown isnt directing traffic.ah man im soo effing sad. Now when i goto my catholic school i cant cuss cause our church is right next to it and im very religious and dont wanna cuss at the Lord's house.haha sounds stupid but thats how its gonna be.Ima leave now..my dads getting mad.he wants to go get Claudius.so bye.

Just call me lass,

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lets everybody join [09 Aug 2004|01:51am]
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